Karen Riposo

President/Executive Producer/

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Administrative Director

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Legal Affairs

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Sarah Whittum

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Mission Statement

KPA Multi-Ethnic Talent Management / KPA Entertainment is a talent management and production company based in New York City. KPA’s talent roster comprises actors and writers of diverse backgrounds, an expression of KPA’s mission to promote diversity and foster a culture that values people’s unique diverse experiences. This mission has been the motivation behind KPA Entertainment Productions, which was formed to provide stories from a perspective that is often underrepresented in Hollywood.

Karen Riposo is the founder of KPA Multi-Ethnic Talent Management and KPA Entertainment production company. She brings nearly 20 years of experience as a talent manager and executive producer to her company. She has managed over a hundred actors’ careers and booked her clients on projects across all the major streaming, theater, network, and film production platforms. KPA was founded in 1985 as Karen’s Performing Arts, a children’s performing arts school in Manhattan. The school’s curriculum emphasized multicultural education through performing arts with a mission to cultivate the talent of at-risk youths. The students attracted the attention of NYC’s top talent agents who signed the young performers for major television and film projects. Initially representing her students as their manager, she then expanded her roster to represent other underserved diverse talent. 80% of KPA’s talent comprises Latine actors. Karen has provided the overall vision for her company on the belief that “why wait for your break when you can create one.” Riposo is a Syracuse native who holds an M.A. in Multiethnic Education.