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tribes_12KPA actor Stephen Drabicki was recently interview by Theatromania about his new performance Tribes

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Mooney Theatre

“Other highlights include the scenes between Billy (Drabicki) and Sylvia (Lewis), and Billy and Dan (Trowbridge) at the end of the play that delivered an emotional climax and release that left me dazed for a good while afterward.”

Charpo Canada

“I  must first say that I was completely astonished by the performances of both Drabicki and Lewis. I have never seen the level of nuance and feeling that these two have achieved. This is even remarkable given the progressions these characters go through as the play progresses. Without risking spoilers, there is a confrontation between Billy, Sylvia and Billy’s family that is absolutely astounding to witness. Performances by the rest of the cast come across as merely capable next to these two performances…”
“…the only two decent performances are from the actors playing deaf people. Stephen Drabicki’s Billy is especially splendid in Act I, subtle and seemingly obsequious, while making us well aware of still waters underneath.”



“Stephen Drabicki, a hard-of-hearing actor, gives us a powerful portrait of a young man who moves from apparent meekness within his family sphere to independence and defiance.  His denunciation of his family, done entirely in sign and translated by Sylvia, is the most eloquent demonstration in the play how expressive sign can be.”

The Globe and Mall

“…powered by some terrific acting. Drabicki, a hard-of-hearing actor, is highly effective as Billy, whose growing confidence is at first heartening and then later, alarming, as he begins to display some hitherto hidden traits of arrogance and dishonesty.”